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WASTENG (Pty) Ltd is committed to creating a more sustainable future. Our environmental practices and technologies provide benefits including: diversion of waste from our landfills through our recycling fo­cused approach; organized, timely, safe waste removal from residential and business communities; com­posting to conserve precious resources. Beyond meeting and exceeding regulatory expectations, we work constantly to identify best management practices that promote environmental sustainability. In all of our communities, this means engaging with regulators, engineers and industry experts to learn about and im­plement new waste management technologies.

On a daily basis, we help homes and businesses come up with smart solutions for all of their waste needs.

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WASTENG (Pty) Ltd is committed to creating a more sustainable future. Our environmental practices and technologies provide benefits

Onsite waste management

WASTENG (Pty) Ltd can offer an efficient flexible service to meet your needs either by arranging a contract where regular collections are made on predetermined days or offering a S.O.R (Service on request) where customers call us only when they need clearance.

Industrial Collection

We cater to the individual waste management needs of household, commercial and industrial customers. Our services include the collection and transportation, containing, sorting, shredding, and disposal of waste material in order to maximize the utilization of these resources.

Residential Collection

We provide environmentally responsible and affordable non-hazardous waste solutions. We possess the experience and resources to provide our customers with superior customer service, while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns.

Trade refuse

WASTENG (Pty) Ltd has successfully introduced the wheeled refuse container to customers as a more hygienic facility for solid waste.

Bulk refuse

Skips are steel containers used for the storage high volume, bulky refuse. Skips are the most versatile systems for the removal of dense high volume compactable dry waste.

Street sweeping

The cleanliness of streets and roads are maintained through litter picking, street sweeping and washing of streets.

years of exp.

If you would like to learn more about WASTENG (Pty) Ltd and how we can provide the perfect services required to help your business, either call us for an informal chat, or make an appointment to visit our office where you can meet the team, view our extensive service portfolio and enjoy the company with coffee and cake.