Bulk refuse: Skips

Skips are steel containers used for the storage high volume, bulky refuse. Skips are the most versatile systems for the removal of dense high volume compactable dry waste. We are able to offer skips with capacities ranging from 5,5 cubic metres to 27 cubic metres.

For durability purposes alt skips are manufactured from rustproof stainless steel with drain holes positioned in the corners of the skip allowing rainwater or liquid to drain freely, however caution is exercised where any possibility of contamination of the leachate (leakage) exists.

Custom made lids can be fitted for special needs and waste types or alternatively Tarpaulin covers are used to prevent lightweight refuse from being blown away during transit or strong weather conditions.

Street sweeping

The cleanliness of streets and roads are maintained through litter picking, street sweeping and washing of streets. Approximately 400,000 bags are cleared annually from this service. The streets are washed on predetermined days with a mechanical sweeper.

Onsite waste management

WASTENG (Pty) Ltd can offer an efficient flexible service to meet your needs either by arranging a contract where regular collections are made on predetermined days or offering a S.O.R (Service on request) where customers call us only when they need clearance.
We guarantee a maximum 48 hour response time based on the two types of clearances that are arranged depending on the type of waste to be removed.

1.    Industrial compactors clear the refuse from the skip whilst on the premises. This type of clearance is for compactable refuse only e.g. office and garden waste, paper, plastic etc.

2.    Tele-hoist vehicles are used where the refuse is too bulky or of a nature that it cannot be compacted e.g. builders refuse, glass, metal , wood and
wet waste.

Other services

Compaction unit clearances

WASTENG provides a clearance service where vehicles transport client-owned compactors to and from the landfill site.

Special events

WASTENG provides refuse removal services at all kinds of major events including marathons, company sports days, school fetes, fun runs, etc

Buy back recycling centre

WASTENG's Buy-Back Recycling Centre is located in lsipingo, an industrial area of Durban City. The centre is the product of the collaborative efforts of WASTENG and the Umkhonto WeSizwe Alumni/ Veterans . The main purpose of the Buy-Back Recycling Centre is to:

•    Educate citizens in lower income households the importance of keeping the environment clean
•    Educate citizens how to use the Orange recycling bags
•    To provide employment opportunities to unemployed women (who start working as volunteers but receive an incentive after a few months of employment)
•    Public can buy back clean recycled goods

Health and Safety

WASTENG's policy is to take all reasonable and practicable steps to plan for and promote healthy and safe working conditions for our employees and to ensure the health and safety of contractors, customers and the general public who are affected by our work activities.

WASTENG will not only comply with the statutory requirements, but will proactively seek to prevent injury, ill health, damage and loss arising from its operations.

Environmental Policy

We believe, therefore, that we have a commitment to:

•    Maintain the highest environmental standards of treatment, ensuring full compliance with existing legislation and to ensure that all employees are trained to the highest standards and kept abreast of new developments and changes in legislation.
•    Maintain a high standard of environmental awareness and compliance throughout the company and wherever possible, recycle materials used within our own company function.
•    Develop new techniques and processes to reach even higher
standards of treatment and efficiency.
•    Provide information and guidance on environmental
issues to our customers on an ongoing basis.